Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wholesale Clients News.

Dear Wholesale Clients: Our new location is now open! It is only 15 min from our On Main Store north on McCullough accross from North Star Mall on Rector between San Pedro and McCullough Ave. It will take you 10 min if you take 281 North and merge to 410, exit San Pedro Ave turnaround to McCullough then right on Rector St.

We are now receiving all of our truck deliveries at our Rector location (Fiesta At North Star). We will begin transferring all of our remaining bulk inventory from our Fiesta On Main location to our new location on Rector.  Please keep note that our Fiesta On Main location will be a Retail Only store after all bulk merchandise is transferred and you will no longer be able to purchase larger bulk quantities from this location.  Our new Rector location has a much larger footprint and was renovated specially for your convinience as it has a wholesale only showroom and is more accessible for our business customers.  We hope that this new location will increase our order processing time and quality of service to our B2B clients! Retail customers are also welcome but please keep in mind that our retail showrooms are still under construction until our Grand Opening! 

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