Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dia De Los Muertos Museum is open!

 We are happy to announce that we have just soft opened our "Dia De Muertos Exhibit" at our Dia De Los Muertos Museum. It is a 40 - 60 minute sensory experience with light effects and pre-columbian music.

Your exhibit will include an explanation of the tradition's complex history. You will have access to our main gallery where you can visit 12 unique and detailed ofrendas (altars) dedicated to different people.  Catrina, your virtual guide, will explain her story of Day of the Dead and how the tradition is being celebrated today. If you catch the live performance (check for availability for the day) you will get an emotional interpretation of "La Llorona" song and an explanation of how this famous folktale relates to Dia De Muertos. Finally, you will have an option of watching a "Discover Mexico" video that portrays Mexico's beautiful heritage.

All of the decorations and hand made art pieces are from our own private collection which we have spent more than 26 years collecting and curating.  The Museum is the culmination of our company's and family's work and service for the past 30+ years. We wanted to share a little bit of our experiences and unique art to all of San Antonio.